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Therefore, it’s better to drive at night)) In terms of traffic light races (where without them, but without fanaticism) merges many, such as the Porsche Panamera, Porsche 911, BMW 650. Exhaust settings and sound are very pleasing to the ear, however, as in all
alphas. For that kind of money, you probably won’t find a more interesting option. A certain bmveshny approach, everything inside is the same on a penny, on X6. The dashboard is almost the same as on the 159, the same lurid aluminum (well, why couldn’t it be made smoky, it would have looked much more interesting), the same wells with arrows at half past six. And for me, smoother engine performance is preferable, I’m not going to race. But
Brera I already wanted. There is not much to tell, a couple of hours on the Internet I knew the entire Brer market in Moscow and the region. Why by luck and why by chance? I’m telling you)) Quite by accident, wandering around the center of Moscow, I wandered into the atrium and saw her – AP 159, standing in the center of the hall, red, well, very beautiful. But the best part is the handling. Then, of course, I adapted, drove through clean areas, but this is no longer riding, but running along an obstacle course. It seemed to me much more confident than the 159, which I had previously considered the standard in handling. 11/23/2009 I took not a new one, but the guarantee was valid for another six months. So an average of 12 liters is obtained on the highway. There have been a few unplanned repairs in a couple of years, but nothing that would be surprising for a car that is 15 years old and 145 thousand miles. Suitable for people who do not need to constantly carry someone in the back seats, or carry a lot of heavy and bulky cargo in the trunk. By suspension. The point here, it must be understood, is all-wheel drive and a lower center of gravity. And now, after the diagnosis (replacement of the abs sensor is required, the rear fender was painted) – 1400 thousand won from the budget, re-registration and it’s mine!! I still don’t understand how this could happen to me at all?! Sat down. As many as 8 sentences at that time,)) I went to look at one, the car seemed to be "tired", but the second one I liked right away. But as I got out of the traffic jams, the box came to life! And this herd of 260 heads ran! Acceleration is very assertive, and at all speeds, everyone says that this is not an alpha motor (indeed, it is assembled at GM facilities somewhere in Australia) in essence, they say there is no explosion at high speeds. I will also add that there are no former alpha waters, once I bought it – that’s it, I got hooked for life. For the winter, out of habit, I put it in the garage, but in the middle of winter I realized, how is it that four-wheel drive does not even try in winter ?! I drove out after another snowfall on the promenade, even on summer tires it rows normally, the system is tricky there, the moment can be completely shifted from one axis to another, depending on the conditions. Even without a test drive. But I would not call her a furious stool. In the city, the average, it is also constant (if without racing) 16 liters. Left sebe.idealnoe ratio of appearance, leendarnosti, reliability and price. more A car for those who are able to spend about 50 on a car. more On the go, what rattles from behind, there is a suspicion of a trunk lid that is in the cabin, but I mostly drive alone, the music is louder and normal!)) Inconvenient music control on the steering wheel, the buttons are too small and located close to each other. It all started with a call from the salon manager, where I bought 159. The pause was too embarrassing when you sharply pressed the gas, up to a second, everything was happening faster on the A6. Black, 3.2 on the machine, in the maximum configuration, mileage 35,000, 2007. Do not think, I’m not a hell of a racer, but then you ask why I need such a car ?! Sometimes you want a slipper on the floor
push. Looked at the car all at once. Yes, with my build (183 cm, 87 kg), the car became a maximum of three seats, it was impossible for me to get even a child. I do it, one might say, in garages, oil, filters with work – 4000 rubles. All the same incomprehensible containers in which you can’t rely on anything except keys, a miserable ashtray (well, at least he quit smoking). Very beautiful and chic to drive. Its problem is a very high threshold, through which you need to load things. I sat down for a long time, it was difficult to adjust the chair and the steering wheel, the roof is very low and the huge racks at first caused discomfort, twisted my head like an owl. Now I bought Brera. Suitable for people who do not need to constantly carry someone in the rear. more An excellent car that gives a storm of emotions. 07/24/2021 An excellent car that gives a storm of emotions. Very beautiful and chic to drive. I didn’t believe it at first. Now
spring will come, the snow will melt, I will, of course, ride more often. And already now I’m starting to think how to sell you, my love, and most importantly, what else to buy?! Fuse, I want and that’s all here and no horror stories about the high cost and unreliability and excuses of everyone and everything do not scare. Good day, gentlemen! I have finally gathered the strength to tell you about the extraordinary car Alfa Romeo Brera 3.2 JTS V6 Q4, which, by a lucky chance, I currently own. I managed to pull fx 50, it was fun!)) Compete with cars like BMW 325 , Audi A4, all sorts of Mazdas and Fords there completely becomes uninteresting. MOT every 10,000 km. Then it’s probably not worth it, but if you saw you liked it, you bought it, it will reciprocate and you will have joy and happiness little known) You just have to stomp!). According to their layouts, it turned out that the one-year-old AP 159 was in a very good configuration, under warranty and with a mileage of 30,000 km. became almost 3 (!) times cheaper than when they sold it to me?! My indignation knew no bounds, and this is to put it mildly, although I, of course, realized that I would sell it for a long time and painfully. As a result, he bargained with me for another fifty dollars (as a result, the loss in value in less than a year amounted to 550,000). Rather, it’s worth it. People who have ever sat
behind, they talked about some hints of claustrophobia, the surrounding space literally crushes, no kidding. Total for 17,000 km of possession – 43,000 rubles. Auto – just a fairy tale until the warranty is over. She is very obedient and predictable, it is impossible to drag her into a skid. Tank 70 liters. The trunk is small, but if you fold the seat, it becomes like a full-fledged golf-class sedan)) On the go.

Alfa Romeo Brera reviews

It’s just a bomb. How much, I say, take it? They answer – 550,000. For example, the evolution is much tougher. Harder than 159, I think it will be difficult for a person from Toyota to rebuild. I replaced the ABS sensor (15,000 rubles), discs with pads (it’s obvious that this was the fate, I also changed it at 159) – 20,000 rubles. For those who want a cool fun car at a reasonable price tag. Although I noted the volume of the trunk as a minus, it should be understood that it is not so small – 300 liters, but with the rear seats folded down, 610. Before that, I had only seen her in photographs and on TV. The ideal ratio of appearance, legendarity, reliability and price. In terms of maintenance. The bottom of the front bumper was scratched in one trip, although he moved with the utmost care. if you are thinking about whether to take Brera or another Alpha in general, conduct a deep analysis, compare with more practical options, etc. For all the time, the exchange rate stability system worked once: when leaving the gravel in a turn, the car smoothly went sideways, giving me the opportunity to correct the situation myself, but after a moment it took control of the situation, rather sharply besieging the engine. I went for a test drive and was finally convinced that I wanted this particular car. /opinions/13988/. Together with directional stability, it rides quite confidently, but due to the low clearance it is contraindicated to move off the road, in the yards along the track the bottom and protection catches literally everything. I started selling slowly, put it up for 900,000, in 5 months I got a call from 100 people (much more than there are 159 owners in Russia), but there was zero specifics in all these calls. At first, I expected more from 260 hp. I want to move around on this car mainly at night and on weekends when there are fewer cars. I will tell you, live it is generally unreal in its beauty)). The average speed of moving from point A to point B is significantly higher than that of an average car, you can invest in any turn at a very high speed, and you don’t feel any discomfort in the cabin, the fifth point doesn’t move anywhere, the main thing is to be prepared for the fact that according to compared to other "competitors" you move much faster and sometimes grandfathers on the Volga or gazelles simply do not have time to notice you. 02.03.2010 Good day, gentlemen! I finally mustered up the strength to tell you about the outstanding car Alfa Romeo Brera 3.2 JTS V6 Q4, which, fortunately. more Fuel consumption was recorded at a minimum on the track at a speed of 100 km / h – 8.5 liters. Gasoline 98 and only one gas station. By marking the price as a plus, I mean cars like that age. After a while, a certain pattern was formed, according to which I talked about the car, briefly, without emotion, like an answering machine)) And then, oh happiness !! A fan has been found! A man of 40 years old arrived, climbed around the car for about 5 minutes, let’s go, he says, to re-register. Like, aren’t you going to change the car, like you Brera, didn’t look closely, if anything, drive up, we’ll exchange according to the trade-in. The skin, as elsewhere in alphas, is of excellent quality, very comfortable seats, the music is not bad. Getting a flow rate of 20 or more liters costs nothing. 02/10/2020 Just the bomb. I kept it for myself.

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