Brick review: Doogee S88 Pro (6/128GB)…

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Well… this is really original, but I have absolutely no idea who and how it will be comfortable to wear this brick weighing 350 grams on some kind of strap.

Brick review: Doogee S88 Pro (6/128GB), Helio P70, NFC, 4G, IP68/IP69K, 6.3" FHD display and 357 grams weight with 10,000mAh battery.

In such a brick-like smartphone, they simply did not let you listen to music in the normal way. I listed the main technical characteristics of the reviewed S88 Pro in the title, while the review will include impressions of use, photos of this and that, screenshots, examples of camera shots and, of course, conclusions. The spatula is not the most typical approach to the SIM tray. But these are not the usual power or volume buttons, but simply additional. smartphone functionality. But, of course, it’s up to everyone. Whether you like it or not is everyone’s business. The lower part of the back of the smartphone also did not do without an atypical distinctive detail, in this case, the S88 Pro was given a hole for the strap. Should not create problems, while fulfilling its role. Well, physique. Otherwise, of course, everything is fine or a matter of taste. Today’s review is dedicated to another rugged smartphone from Doogee. But first things first. In addition to this feature, here we have holes for the speaker (it’s mono here) and a microphone (it’s the only one here). If you are only interested in knowing how good this model turned out, you don’t have to read the entire review, just the conclusions are enough. The lower part of the front panel is empty, the Chinese decided to do without the logo (not like in the previous reviewed Doogee N30 model). What is the meaning of such a device is unnecessary to explain, everything is clear here: there are more chances to survive the fall and a relatively long operating time. Except, of course, the headphone jack, but that’s a completely different topic. Cable for charging: Contact information regarding Doogee: Be that as it may, the S88 Pro comes in several subtle color schemes: dark green, orange and black. Yes, you can’t argue here that with the thickness of a smartphone, it’s really good to place the scanner on the side, if there are already solutions that are several times more compact and also with a scanner. Everyone else is welcome. There is no point in ranting a lot, this is not the topic. They probably didn’t have enough space. I don’t see a reasonable reason for the lack of a 3.5mm jack. It is more convenient with it, because there is less chance of breaking the system of these fragile trays. Review structure: box, package contents, appearance, usability, display, operating system, benchmarks, camera, battery and conclusions. It’s a question of aesthetics, or the need for normal packaging for a gift or other occasion. The heavier you are, the harder it is to fall. Yes, the model is waterproof and each connector reduces the potential protection factor, but what difference does it make if the model already has Type C with a rubber plug? That’s it. Therefore, let’s consider what the back of the smartphone can be interesting not counting the monstrous appearance. The most interesting place of the smartphone in terms of design is, of course, the back: A smartphone is a smartphone, it needs exactly what to consider and test. And, finally, the charger. At the top of the front panel is the front camera, earpiece and a handful of sensors. The Chinese also relied on a design a la with the eyes of a robot, or something like that. And two different tactile buttons. The Chinese roamed as best they could, made an iron man out of the S88 Pro (although much more made of rubber than really iron). Which, as you now understand, does not play a special role. But this, in general, did not prevent the smartphone from being monolithic, durable and inspiring confidence in terms of its shock resistance. But these eyes serve one interesting role: they are LED indicators. The presence of an adapter for a 3.5mm headphone jack can disappoint many. Although of course, this does not play a big role. The right side is already endowed with the same mentioned volume buttons, power on and a fingerprint scanner. It’s hard to tell if a smartphone looks like a brick, or if it’s a brick that looks like a smartphone (just kidding). The plug turned out to be comfortable: it sits well and goes well. Yes, not everyone needs such a miracle, but they definitely gather their audience and not to say that there are a lot of not so frankly Chinese alternatives. Everything that she has orange in other colors will be the corresponding color. This is where you can finish with the external examination of the smartphone. I will have an orange version in my review. I have no doubt that it is thanks to such models, such bricks, that most Chinese brands keep afloat. Inside the box there is a smartphone, a charger, a USB Type C cable, a 3.5mm adapter, a spatula for a SIM tray, a strap (not included in the photo), a protective film and documentation. Hello. A light smartphone is more likely to remain intact than the same, but heavy. And here … a third of a kilogram. But time goes on and here and there improvements occur that are sealed in a new model and appear with the prefix "Pro", "Plus" or with a larger number. When it comes to not the cheapest smartphone of the company, the Chinese do not do without a special approach. This saying applies here as well. There you can also pay attention to how large the case is: it literally climbs onto the screen. For this reason, the smartphone can be placed on smooth surfaces without fear of scratching the glass. In the photo above, you can make out 3 cameras (main, wide-angle and depth of field camera) and a dual LED flash. The set is as it should be, there is everything you need. By this I mean that Doogee’s "flagship" is always in the original packaging, and not in the typical carton with the model name. Whoever says what, but among the people every now and then there are people with big "pipes". The left side has a slot for two memory cards or 1 1 (MicroSD); Both are recorded for certain actions / gestures, which I will talk about in a few paragraphs, not forgetting to write whether it is convenient or not. If the corners of the smartphone are rubber and on the official page of the smartphone (including the link at the beginning of the review) they were indicated five times as a virtue of the smartphone, then the sides themselves are steel. Now about the side faces. The top edge of the smartphone is empty (there could be your headphones), but the bottom has a charging connector, which is hidden behind a rubber plug. Its only drawback, or rather, even the Achilles’ heel, is the weight of the brick: 357 grams is so much that in some cases it can simply level all of its armor. And, first of all, it is interesting with a massive block of cameras.

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