Cartridges for fountain pen MAJOHN A1. Box of wonders.

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These consumables are suitable for Pilot brand pens and their counterparts from Moonman/Majohn A1/Ti200 series.
A simple box made of polyethylene. Travel box in three configurations: Box of wonders.

And she also interrupts the flow of ink in pen A1 wagging in the channel.
I have a 20 ml bottle of munmik, but this story will be later. I immediately warn you, the cartridges are made of denser polyethylene than the original Japanese ones and are not prone to cracking during compression. 1) box, 6 cartridges with black ink and rubber stoppers; Traces of Lamy (lovers of conspiracies, German companies are already firmly addicted to their products of the Shanghai Five). Dimensions: 68x52x12 mm. The ink is not waterproof, it dries quickly. 2) box, 5 empty cartridges with stoppers and a pipette; For a long time we did not have reviews on the topic of ink and pen. This concludes this mini
Tin cans from lollipops. dragees and monpensier are suitable for storing common international short cartridges. Summary.
Opening the box. Weight: 19 gr. The ink can be kept in 5 ml, 10 ml bottles of eye drops or cartridges in a tin box. Chinese GOST for ink is present, which means that the product meets the standards of Shanghai Laboratories for
product testing. Less words… let’s start. Let’s turn to our Chinese friends from the Moonman-Mahjon brand. I would call them sluggish.
Great invention. Everything for the consumer.

Cartridges for fountain pen MAJOHN A1. For many, the price of 500-600 rubles per box is too high. Feeding in the pen with them is rather dry. They are black) In general, the best-selling ink in China is traditionally black. This time we were made happy with a set of a box with consumables.
The paper label is designed using German design. If you want a kit with ink for the first start, keep the red box. Designers don’t just eat bread)
And here… Mini set for the first start. Tin, thick cardboard and plastic get only the top segment. But there is a way out… Suitable for tooth powder too. For example, the picture shows long Pelikan Edelstein, Sapphire cartridges. Cartridges empty, with ink, converter. pipette. The whole system of large companies works to reduce packaging costs. Caps for pilot cartridges. About ink. This time a mini review. 3) package, 1 empty cartridge with stopper, pipette and converter.
Even the legs are cast. The only difference is the membrane is made of thicker plastic.
Manufacturers of cartridges, with rare exceptions, do not think about the safety of packaging in a backpack pocket.
6 items.
The theme of ink storage in the field. Contents from

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