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Gillette Fusion Great replacement for your old cartridge (copyright china)

My first review, so if I mess up with the design, before showing my show off on this site, tell me how to do it right.
When once again the green amphibian of the swampy areas in the (common people TOAD) strangled to lay out a few hundred rubles for a set of blades of 4 pieces, I remembered the Chinese brothers and ordered Gillette Fusion razor blades for trial
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Everything came in a standard DX gray pimpled bag. I don’t give a photo of the package, because in addition to the blades, it was still full of all sorts of small things. Given the difficult situation with the export of parcels from China, this parcel crawled to Moscow in 16 days (RA402038945CN), which is a good result. Apparently, the fact that there was nothing cutting and battery-operated in the package affected. Blades don’t count, they’re not knives.
So, actually the object itself.
The packaging is blister, it is no different from the store (well, except for the fact that there is not a single inscription in Russian)

and the reverse side

No difference with the store is observed. Unless ours stick a sticker with a Russian translation. Unfortunately, the original packaging is not available, therefore I do not give a photo.
Inside there is a plastic cassette with 4 sections, where the blades actually lie. The blades are removed after they are clicked into the machine.

The blade itself is close-up. br />Now some
photos in comparison with other blades from the manufacturer Gillette, unfortunately already unusable.
Orange is Gillette Fusion Power
Dark blue is Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power
well, light blue is the hero of the review

As you can see from the photo, There is no significant difference in manufacturing quality. The same strip impregnated with gel, the only thing that is noticeable is small seams (sprues) at the joints of the detachable injection mold, on that part of the blade that is attached to the machine. this is not visible on others, although it is possible that the workmanship is higher, as these are blades of a different price range.
Now actually about how to shave. I will not conduct research on the coefficient of friction, and I will not measure the residual height of the hair. I will say only one shave with a bang. I won’t say how much the sharpness resource will last, but at least they are not stupid.
a couple of pictures on the machine

The advantages of the product are low price and high quality.
No cons found

I definitely recommend buying it, since the price is two times lower than in the store)

And by tradition… there is no cat, there is a cat)

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