Inkbird IBS-P01R wireless floating thermometer with base station

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It seems to me that the float is loaded a little more than necessary – the waterline runs at the level where the cover adjoins
body and, swinging in the water, the float periodically sinks below this level. Severe loading of the float thermometer, which could potentially lead to water ingress into the thermometer housing.
There is a small folding stand at the bottom
In this case, this is not as critical as for some thermal controller with 12 timers. Pros: If earlier the dog rushed out into the street like mad, now he just has to be dragged out on a leash – he became so uncomfortable outside the house. But the base unit lied noticeably more – the difference with the standard was 0.9℃
The screen, like the base module, is a segmented liquid crystal. She still wanted to swim, especially since the heat was getting stronger and stronger. The thermometer is delivered in a small cardboard box of a laconic design Summer this year turned out to be somehow especially hot. Under the display there is an LED that periodically lights up red, which indicates that data is being transmitted to the base unit. Specifications:
Points of contact connections are filled with compound The manufacturer claims a reception range of 300 feet – about 91 meters in open space.
The control board is installed under the cover and the battery compartment is fixed perpendicular to it. However, slowly the readings increased and after a few minutes they were almost equal.
In the application, the Inkbird ITH-20R1 connected from the next room is visible, but the float located next to the gateway is not detected. Up to 9 floats can be connected to one base unit. It is a problem in our house to get water of the required temperature into the bath. For example, by setting the shower to a comfortable temperature, in 10 minutes of water procedures, you can reconfigure it 5 times in one direction or the other – the jet from the watering can either burns or pours ice cold. Dimensions and weight are given below.
In addition to indicating readings from a floating thermometer, it also takes measurements itself. 1.
At large angles, like all other LCD screens, symbols are poorly visible The temperature of the hot water in the riser is constantly changing, apparently due to parsing by other residents. We will focus on the average at 35℃. She attributes this to the quality of the water in the river. Power supply: 2 * AAA 1.5V (temperature and humidity monitor), 2 * The dog did not like to swim in the fountain, so there was only a home bath.
The bathtub is full, you can bathe the dog And worst of all is our youngest member of the family – the dog. He does not see this thermometer and that’s it! Therefore, the floating bath thermometer, provided to me for review by the official Inkbird store on aliexpress, turned out to be more than ever useful. I myself did not find this, but buyers mention this problem in reviews. When the float thermometer was immersed in cold water, its readings at first did not coincide by more than two degrees minus with those measured by the reference thermometer. 3. No power off thermometers. Air conditioning and shower only save.
Let’s move on to the practical use of thermometers – bathing a dog.
The device is powered by two AAA batteries (not included) Reliable wireless communication between units The upper part displays the temperature received from the floating thermometer via wireless protocol and the communication channel number. The dog liked splashing around in the bathroom less than in the river, but still the dog got out of the water satisfied The characters are large and easy to read.
While the bath is being filled, we look at the base unit and monitor the temperature.
The floating thermometer is powered by two AA batteries Traditionally for Inkbird products, the instructions do not have a Russian language.
I have such a gateway
Or, as I found out in one of the product reviews on the store page, you need to press the red button inside the float module Openings in the case are designed to take in ambient air. Well, of course, with the advent of heat, the dog liked water procedures in the fresh air
Testing in hot water took even longer, the inertia of the float thermometer is still very high.
However, no matter how much I tried, I could not connect the Inkbird IBS-P01R to the gateway. We live a block from the river, so we go for a walk on the Embankment. The shape of the case is one-to-one, the difference is only in the display 1 .
At an angle, it seemed to me that the readings are visible better than on the base unit I don’t even remember that our air conditioner did not turn off for the third month in a row.
Inside there is a plastic lodgment – sufficient transport protection
On the back side at the top there are control buttons, and under them there are some elliptical recesses with slots, their purpose is apparently also for air intake to the internal sensor, in the middle there is an eyelet for mounting It is not difficult to understand here even without knowledge of English.
The delivery set consists of two
measuring temperature units (floating and base), operating instructions and warranty card In the lower part, indicators recorded by the base itself are displayed – the temperature and humidity of its environment
The cover has a sealed gasket. We will check the accuracy of temperature measurement using a 4-channel cooking thermometer Inkbird IBBQ-4BW, which I have already tested in my review and
its accuracy of measurement in boiling and icy water was as close to ideal as any other thermometer that has passed through my hands. Manufacturer declares protection

Inkbird IBS-P01R wireless floating thermometer with base station

And, by a strange coincidence, a few days later the beach closest to us was closed due to a violation of sanitary standards.
A wire goes from the board to a hefty nut (probably a weighting agent) and a temperature sensor located in the keel of the thermometer float. After examining the undercoat, they saw sores all over the body. But the readings of the base unit, on the contrary, came close to the standard – the difference dropped to 0.1℃. The recommended temperature for bathing animals is 34 – 36℃. High-quality workmanship The difference was only two tenths – quite acceptable error for a household device. The sensor connection is also insulated with a compound. They did a blood test and it turned out to be a bacterial infection. Perhaps there are some subtleties with pairing, can someone tell me in the comments? In general, I had to finish swimming in the river. Brand: INKBIRD Acceptable temperature measurement error 2.
Green spots on the dog are just the consequences of treatment for a river infection.
At the center in the upper part there is a round LCD display, and on the periphery there is a small antenna-handle for unscrewing the cover. Cons: Moreover, as the veterinarian said, we are not the only ones in our area. The temperature stays stable at exactly 35℃
The floating thermometer has the shape of a large float. The spray with the medicine is colored with green so that the place of treatment on the wool can be seen.
I didn’t have such problems, the base instantly received the signal from the float and never lost it within the apartment. We only have to occasionally work with the mixer lever to achieve a given temperature threshold. Directly with the application, the thermometer does not work, although the interunit communication protocol seems to be Bluetooth. We lower the float thermometer into the bath and we can go about our business, the base unit will allow you to remotely control the temperature of the water. To start the thermometers, it is only necessary to insert the batteries into both blocks and the data of the monitored parameters immediately appear on the displays, and the temperature from both sensors is measured the same – 27.2℃ A dog is a smart creature, but it is difficult to explain to her about the unfavorable sanitary and epidemiological situation. 2.
From the outside, the sensor looks like a metal penny The product was provided for writing a review by the store. In 2010, there was a similar heat wave, but it still did not last the whole summer. This means that its inertia is even higher than that of a float sensor. Made from white matte plastic. After waiting 15 minutes for the readings to settle, the discrepancy between the standard and the test float was 0.7℃. A few hot weeks the dog frolicked on the river, until we noticed that it began to itch furiously.
Segment LCD screen.
The board elements are mounted neatly.
The remote monitoring unit is similar to the Inkbird ITH-20R1.
If any problems with displaying readings from a floating thermometer, then you will need to reset the CH / R button on the back of the base module Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules

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