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The rest, just don’t do it. The most chic feature that I missed right everywhere is to block the inclusion of the dial from turning the hand in time. But, that’s exactly what I have. five years already. out of 20 in the profession. Cheap and practical ©. I bought four baofengs, 1500 rounds, what other receiver would I buy? And obviously not the fm range. I wonder if there are dials in Russian? It’s funny to you. I would not like to offend you, but, NO)))), not faster than 2 rations instead of 1st, not more reliable, again, the same 2 rations. Even I didn’t understand at all, what the person was downvoted for. All of the above is my personal IMHO. I’ll omit at least one minus. There is no practical use for this. Write comments on things like this, it’s generally ok. On 2 flights there are three directional light bulbs, two sensors. And I’m sitting near Kyiv and thinking. Best way, keep the cats. All the beaver. Illumination of the steps of the stairs, they look beautiful when you go down or to the cinema)))) All super effects … well, if a person can, well, he can. Otherwise, insurers will go bankrupt on payments for a fire. And yes, he is not the most popular.

No keyword

Some hypocritical Pisuez! TS, insure the house. Although why downvote a person is not clear. Aesthetics very controversially conflicts with practice and is completely killed by maintainability and reliability. Every couch survivalist has this knife! They will spit on you)))) As for me, orange is better))) More noticeable))) And the wahche is also cheaper)))) Of course, there are more than 2 types of expanders, as well as these rollers.

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