Set of ratchet spanners (6 pcs)

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Total dimensions in the set: 8-10-12-13-14-17mm. And then we saved. Useful both in the car and at home for various repairs (such as furniture) and for DIY. Another big key – 14 mm
Here I appreciated the ratchet – installation in one motion, put it on and twist it for yourself. Although with experience this will come.
Here is such a hinged mechanism is very useful in a locksmith. I bought such a key separately – more on that below.
A small note – the jaws of the open-end wrench are reinforced (thick). Therefore, the keys for 8 and 10 are always with me separately from the set. A set is now asking $16.99, which is much cheaper than similar offline options. Well, no, that’s all. You can say that because of this key all the fuss. The product was provided for writing a review by the store.
Here is the largest key – a massive combined open-end wrench for 17. And then as soon as the festive fuss begins, and I have bam! And at home there is no key for 13 in order to expand the folding table … Usually, for precise work, the sponges are “cut off” on a grinder, making the key narrow.
But if you take it by the piece, then there will not be such a convenient organizer with a handle. Pros: organizer, ratchet, hinge.
On each key, the standard size (“17”, “13”, etc.) is stamped next to it.
All the same, the keys from the new set turned out to be "reinforced", the old one is a little thinner.
This is the smallest in the set, has a short size, very convenient to work in a limited space.

Set of ratchet spanners (6 pcs)

The key is like a key, no different from the previous ones in the set.
To use the ratchet, you need to throw it in the right direction, since it works only in one direction, though it works properly. Moreover, on the one hand, this is a completely ordinary key for 17, and on the other, a ring wrench with a one-sided ratchet. Finally, a set of normal open-ended (combined) wrenches has appeared. I would limit myself to 13-10-8-5.5 mm. I also appreciated the hinge – it is convenient to twist at an angle, if effort allows.
The set is convenient. In the minuses, I note the polished surface (needs care, oiling), and there are no indications of the direction of work on the ratchet. And there would be no way to go and buy it in a store))) I found an interesting version of a combination wrench, and not just a cap wrench, but with a working ratchet.
Another useful wrench is the 8mm wrench.
Here they are, 6 beauties, made of chrome-vanadium, with a polished surface … In my opinion, the most popular ones are 8-10-13 mm, well, the rest will not be superfluous.
The ratchet on the hinge, which allows you to twist at the desired angle. And on the other hand, if your hands are in oil, then such a key may pop out inadvertently. I won’t talk about locksmith and auto repair – everyone will find a worthy application for this kit (or for another). You have to guess how to throw. The body of the ratchet is not reinforced (slightly thinner).
So we can already conclude that this set is more interesting (Reinforced) and more profitable (cheaper to take in a set) than one key bought on Aliexpress (it cost about $10 per piece).

Shortly about the application. So even from dirty hands during auto repair, these keys will get dirty, you will need to take care of the tool. You can even take "just to be." I was looking for a home set or a key to assemble furniture. In this regard, it is more profitable to take not a set, but by the piece. The coating protects against rust, the smooth polished surface is easy to clean with a rag.
By the way, such a polished surface is a double-edged sword.
The colleague of these wrenches is also combined (with ratchet).
I talked about oiling above – fingerprints remain on the keys.
Usually, open-end wrench sets are used in locksmith or auto repair.
These are the sizes I always try to keep at hand. There is not even the usual CrV inscription, there is no brand.
Now a few words about the 13 mm wrench bought before.
The old wrench has non-reinforced open end jaws.
One of the most popular is the key for 13. Not everywhere can crawl such a key.
The key is quite a medium size, with a normal ratchet. Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules A small overview of a useful set of combination ratchet wrenches (6 pieces in a set: 8-10-12-13-14-17mm).
The surface is polished, without additional identification marks. On the one hand, it is aesthetic and practical.
Inscription Crome Vanadium, and large print size 13 mm on both sides. I found out at home that I don’t have a key for 13. The hinge works almost 90° in each direction, which is very convenient. But they will not be superfluous for the house either.
But a 10 mm wrench is one of the most popular.
The key is 12 – but this is probably a useless size for me in the set. Hello everyone! It has a slightly shorter size, apparently due to the low price. So you can immediately rip off and unscrew. Well, this is already to whom and how convenient. The set is inexpensive from the word at all, it’s cheaper just to take the keys separately. The ratchet is mounted on a hinge, which allows you to unscrew and twist at a large angle.
The hinge mechanism is similar, but the hinge axis is thinner. Delivery by courier, tracked.

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