Xiaomi urban shoulder bag/backpack

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One large pocket on one side, one open pocket on the other with a zipper.
It seems that the backpack has become pot-bellied and closes with difficulty, but it is not, it is quite spacious inside and out.
Sometimes (most often in summer) you need to take a walk and take a few things with you. Here is a big camping one, a lot of straps, pockets.
Carabiners, fasteners – all made of metal. On this, I think, we can finish. A convenient option to leave all your gadgets, and not only when the number and size of pockets is not enough. Getting out somewhere and not loading pockets for this, etc. is now easy. That’s what this backpack is for. The backpack comes in a regular package. There are two types of colors: light gray and dark gray.
The backpack has one wide central strap (8.5 cm top and 6.5 cm bottom). And there is such a small product, something in between – a city backpack, or even a backpack, because. its dimensions are more than modest and there is only one wide strap. You can fasten the end both on the left side and on the right, whichever is more convenient for you.

The product was provided for writing a review by the store. For each task there is a thing intended for this. Ergonomic, padded shoulder strap. about 1 cm thick, with adjustable length.
So, the backpack itself The bag is unisex, i.e. both women (instead of their handbag) and men can wear it.
The backpack doesn’t seem to be designed for weight, but it’s still nice.
I really missed this backpack, which is why I bought it (yes, I bought it, they gave me a discount for the review). Dimensions:
There is one small pocket on the outside.

Xiaomi urban shoulder bag/backpack

Since they began to measure beer, here is the capacity of documents for a couple of bottles For example, such as in the photo. Medium oblong and thin – bicycle, designed mainly for a hydrator inside. You don’t particularly slander anything else in it. A tablet or a book, a phone, documents, a wallet, a phone, and any other small things. You can’t stuff all this into your pockets. Small shoulder bag (or urban backpack) unisex from Xiaomi. I have a dark one. Everything is stitched well, I did not meet a single protruding thread, all the seams are neat. And here is the third, compact urban backpack, business style. The fabric is not waterproof, but it will protect your devices or documents from light rain. https://jiji.ng/cleaning-services
Compared to others I have
Materials: nylon and polyester. It’s safer up front. The declared capacity, by the way, is 4 liters. With a phone 15 cm long, for example. That’s when I stuck a bottle of beer in there – that’s when it already became crowded. Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules Xiaomi logos are everywhere, even on the bag of silica gel hanging inside Good quality – well stitched and metal fittings.
Inside there is a bright blue-green fabric. It all fits easily. Solid design, versatility – can be worn both front and back.
There are hiking backpacks, there are bicycle bags, travel bags, backpack bags and so on.

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